Zhaoxing Dong Village

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Zhaoxing Dong Village

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sina News

Zhaoxing Dong Village, located in Liping County, southeast Guizhou Province, is one of the largest Dong villages in the Qiandongnan area and is celebrated for its distinctive ethnic Dong culture and architecture.

Zhaoxing Dong Village is famous for its traditional wooden-stilt houses and five unique drum towers, each symbolizing virtues such as benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom, and faith. These drum towers are central to the village’s cultural life, serving as meeting points and entertainment venues. Alongside the drum towers, the village features wind and rain bridges, which are notable for their nail-free construction and serve as both shelters and social gathering spots.

The village’s layout, with houses built along the contours of the land and a stream running through, creates a picturesque setting. The daily life in Zhaoxing is markedly tranquil and closely tied to nature, with the local community deeply rooted in Dong traditions. Visitors can immerse themselves in a lifestyle far removed from the hustle of modern cities.

Zhaoxing is known for its vibrant festivals, such as the Lusheng Festival and the Niren Festival (Mud Figure Festival). These festivals showcase the rich cultural traditions of the Dong people, including music, dance, and unique customs like mud figure making.

The village is equipped with various tourist facilities, including accommodations and restaurants. Home-stay hostels provide a more authentic experience of local life. Zhaoxing can be accessed by public transportation from nearby cities like Congjiang and Liping, making it a convenient destination for travelers seeking to experience the unique Dong culture.