Tour in Guizhou with Diplomats

Tour in Guizhou with Diplomats

by Eyesnews

Image Source: Guizhou TV

April 10-13, the ”Protect the Blue Planet, International Youth Tour to Guizhou” opens in Zunyi.

The visiting delegation listens to the introduction of Chishui sun-dried vinegar

Diplomatic envoys to China, young diplomats, international scholars, foreign social media influencers and foreign students from Colombia, Jamaica, Solomon Islands, Mongolia, South Korea, Russia, the UK, Spain, Egypt, Senegal, Malawi, Ghana, Bangladesh, and Pakistan visit Zunyi City, Guizhou Province, focusing on the key areas of global development initiatives such as improving global poverty reduction governance, promoting ecological civilization construction, and promoting connectivity in the digital era. The visit is on the theme of green development, rural revitalization, and red tourism in Guizhou to perceive the new vitality brought for the world by the Chinese path to modernization.

In Chishui City dubbed as the “the Sea of Bamboo in the Southwest”, the delegation enjoyed the vast bamboo forest scenery at the Bamboo Sea National Forest Park. In the Bamboo Culture Museum and Absolute Bamboo, a workshop engaged in the intangible cultural heritage bamboo knitting, they experienced the countless wonderful uses of a single bamboo. What’s more, they tasted the sun-dried vinegar of Chishui and are touched by the persistence and inheritance of the century-old craftsmanship.

The delegation tastes the vinegar products

”For the first time, I witnessed the entire process of vinegar from production to dining table, which was very impressive. ” Zeng’s Sundried Vinegar Factory was surrounded by thousands of vinegar jars under the sun. Melissa Pryce, Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Jamaica in China was greatly amazed and took lots of photos. She said this is a journey full of expectations.

A group photo in the bamboo sea national forest park

”I feel at home in Chishui.” Looking at the vast bamboo forest, Jose Francisco DiazUlloa, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Colombia, felt a deep sense of familiarity. Like Chishui, Colombia has abundant bamboo resources that play an important role in economic and environmental development in rural areas. ”Most of Colombia’s bamboo is used for construction, but in Chishui, bamboo can not only be used for paper making and bamboo knitting, but also for eating, which is wonderful. I hope to strengthen cooperation between Colombia and Zunyi in the future to jointly develop bamboo application technology and advance the industry. ”

South Korean student takes photos with bamboo drifting performers

Chishui has a bamboo forest area of 218,770 acres. From bamboo shoots to bamboo-made paper, from boosting the bamboo culture to launching carbon tickets, the bamboo industry chain in Chishui has been continuously extended, which helped develop the green economy and bring in a low-carbon life, providing high-quality samples for rural revitalization and green development and becoming an epitome of implementing global sustainable development actions.

A group photo in the City of Chinese Wine Culture

April 11, the delegation visited Moutai Group and marveled at the mysterious brewing technology and quality of Moutai baijiu. As the sun set, they wandered in the beautiful Wujiang Village and then experienced ancient papermaking and fabric dyeing arts. The ecological landscape and ethnic culture of Wujiang blended harmoniously, leaving an unforgettable night of everyone’s Guizhou journey.