The former site of Dade School

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The former site of Dade School

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Throughout history, the former site of Dade School has been a representation of Guiyang’s culture. In 1894, as the trend of learning Western studies and sciences swept across China, Guiyang, located in the southwest corner, also established a Jingshi School. This school selected talented students from across the province to nurture the younger generation with new knowledge.

However, after the failure of the Kang-Liang Reform, the Jingshi School was disbanded. Nevertheless, Huang Ganfu, who had studied there, invited a group of like-minded friends to establish the Dade Book Society in Zhonglie Palace in the center of Guiyang in 1901, the 27th year of the Guangxu reign. Initially named Suanxue Guan, it was later renamed Dade School in 1912 and expanded to include a secondary school.

The former site of Dade School is located on Zhonghua South Road in Guiyang City. It is a typical courtyard house in the Ming and Qing architectural styles. The Dade School history exhibition in the auditorium shows visitors how this private primary school, which began with just over twenty students, evolved into a comprehensive school with more than 1,600 students.

Due to Dade School’s active role in the anti-imperialist and anti-feudal revolutionary struggle in Guizhou Province, it was designated as a key cultural heritage site in Guizhou Province in 1982. It serves as a museum reflecting the development and changes in modern education in Guiyang and Guizhou. Additionally, Dade School is a sacred place for commemorating revolutionary martyrs and receiving patriotic education.