The China International Big Data Industry Expo 2021: a grand banquet of science and technology


The China International Big Data Industry Expo 2021: a grand banquet of science and technology

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED Nov 11, 2021 • 4MIN READ

The opening ceremony for the China International Big Data Industry Expo 2021 took place on the morning of May 26 in Guiyang. Under the theme “Embrace Digital Intelligence, Deliver New Development”, this year’s Expo will be held for three days from the 26th to the 28th. The Expo features four themed pavilions: The International Comprehensive Pavilion, Advanced Technology Pavilion, Digital Application Pavilion, and Smart Industry Pavilion.

The Big Data Expo 2021 features four themed pavilions. The Advanced Technology Pavilion dovetails with the “New Infrastructure” strategy and is divided into three zones–the 5G Application Zone, Artificial Intelligence Zone, and the Current Industry Highlight Zone. The Smart Industry Pavilion focuses on smart scenarios such as smart cities, smart innovative parks, smart education, and smart medicare. The International Comprehensive Pavilion highlights China’s strategic positioning and its hottest components. The pavilion has successfully gathered comprehensive businesses and international leaders within the big data industry, collectively displaying the big data industry’s breakthrough transformations. The Digital Application Pavilion showcases the big data’s industry ecology, essential technologies, cutting-edge developments, and the “Big Data + N” multi-application scenarios.

The Big Data Expo 2021 stands at the new development stage, fully adopts new development philosophies, and integrates into the new development paradigm. The highlight for the Expo is “globalized, professionalized, high-end, industrialized, and sustainable,” with a focus on a wide range of topics such as the digital economy, data security, the industrial internet, blockchain, rural revitalization, services trade, and smart digital transformation. For the three-day event, a series of events and activities has been planned, including high-level panels, professional forums, big data exhibitions, big data-related press conferences, and competitions. This year, the Expo has also incorporated a significant online presence in the form of a cloud platform. The online Expo will be open for 365 days a year for online meetings, online exhibitions, and online matchmaking sessions even when the offline Expo is ended, making the Expo “everlasting”.