Bridges in Guzhou


Bridges in Guzhou

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED August 19, 2021 • 3 MIN READ

Yachi River Bridge

The Yachi River Bridge forms part of the Guiyang-Qianxi Expressway. It straddles the Yachi River, a tributary of Wujiang River, connecting Guiyang and Qianxi. The bridge is 1,450 meters long and 434 meters high. The main tower of the bridge is an H-shaped cable tower, and the deck is 434 meters above the water surface. The bridge ranks the fifth highest in the world and is a cable-stayed steel truss bridge having the largest span in the world, as well as being the world’s top cable-stayed bridge in mountainous areas.

Baling River Bridge

The Baling River Bridge, located in Anshun City, Guizhou Province, is the first super-large bridge spanning the Baling River Grand Canyon and is built on the trunk line of the Hurui National Highway. This bridge is a single-span steel suspension bridge stiffened by a truss, with a main span of 1,088 meters. It has a total length of 2,237 meters, and the distance between the deck and the river surface reaches 370 meters. When completed it was China’s first and the world’s sixth longest bridge of its kind, as well as the most sophisticated bridge ever built in Guizhou.
In January 2019, the Baling River Bridge Bungee in Guizhou was successfully entered into the Guinness World Records. It became the world’s highest commercial bungee facility, boasting a vertical distance of 370 meters between the jumping platform and the distance below the bottom of the bridge, surpassing the previous record – the 233-meter high Macau Tower.

Qingshui River Bridge

This bridge curtails a 2-hour trip to just 3 minutes.
The Qingshui River Bridge, part of Guiweng Expressway, is a two-tower, single- span, steel-truss suspension bridge built in a mountainous area. It is “hidden” in a valley in Guizhou Province. Before the bridge it took two hours to traverse the valley, but the time has shortened considerably to just three minutes thanks to the bridge. The trip between Guiyang and Weng’an now takes one hour instead of four.
What’s more, the construction speed of the Qingshui River Bridge was so fast that it has impressed many bridge-building experts. Driving in the 36 piles, each 3.5-meter in diameter took only three months. Erecting the two major towers of over 220 meters was managed in 285 days. The catwalk construction of the thousand-meter scale bridge took only 24 days, the main cable installation, 76 days, and the steel truss hoisting and installation, 93 days. The whole project from construction to operation was completed in 29 months, one year ahead of schedule.