Tangible Cultural Heritage Museum-The Tusi Cemetery of the Yang Family

Tangible Cultural Heritage Museum

The Tusi Cemetery of the Yang Family

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

The Tusi Cemetery of the Yang Family is located at Guanyan Section of Xinpu Village in Xinpu New District, about 20 kilometers northeast of Zunyi City. It lies on the west bank of Renjian River, which is an upstream tributary of the Wujiang River. The tomb of Yang Lie was discovered relatively early and was declared a Guizhou Provincial Cultural Relic Protection Unit in 1982.

In August 2012, a large stone chamber tomb and other related relics were discovered about 200 meters southeast of Yang Lie’s tomb. From April 2013 to November 2014, nearly two years of extensive excavation were conducted at the Xinpu Yang Tusi Cemetery in Zunyi, uncovering three tombs of the Bozhou Yang Tusi. This marked a significant breakthrough in the archaeological study of Tusi in Guizhou, following the discovery of the Hailongtun site.

The Yang Tusi Cemetery is the only fully revealed cemetery of the Bozhou Yang family. The cemetery’s layout is clear, the tomb owners are well-identified, the types of tombs are diverse, the time span is extensive, and the unearthed artifacts are complete and abundant. This further deepened our understanding of the funeral system, lineage inheritance, and cultural exchanges of the Bozhou Yang Tusi, providing valuable material evidence for Song, Yuan, and Ming archaeology.