Tangible Cultural Heritage Museum-The Niupodong Site

Tangible Cultural Heritage Museum

The Niupodong Site

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Niupodong Site is located on a hill named Niupo, about 0.2 kilometers east of Guishan Group, Pingzhai Village, Machang Town, Guian New District, Guizhou Province. It is approximately 40 kilometers northeast of Guiyang City and 5 kilometers north of Machang Town.

In the summer of 2008, the site was first discovered by the Pingba County Cultural Relics Management Office during the third nationwide cultural relics survey. In November 2011, the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Guizhou Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, and the Pingba County Cultural Relics Management Office jointly conducted a re-examination of the site. They determined that it is a well-preserved early Neolithic cave site in the central Guizhou region with significant academic value, and thus reported it to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage for formal excavation.

On October 28, 2014, during the excavation of the Niupodong site, a large number of artifacts from the Late Paleolithic period onwards were unearthed, including human bones, chipped stone tools, ground stone tools, and cord-marked pottery fragments. This significant discovery holds the potential to reveal the mysteries of ancient humans in South China. On April 12, 2017, it was recognized as one of the “Top Ten New Archaeological Discoveries in China” for 2016.