Tangible Cultural Heritage Museum-Libo Yaoshan Ancient Village

Tangible Cultural Heritage Museum

Libo Yaoshan Ancient Village

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Yaoshan Ancient Village is located at Libo County, the World Natural Heritage Site, where is 35 kilometers away from Libo, and only 5 kilometers’ distance from the Xiaoqikong Scenic Spot. It is an ancient town showing the culture of Yao ethnic group in Guizhou.

Yaoshan Ancient Village is not big, but here you can feel the mystery of this minority everywhere. You can see villagers in Yao clothes, children swimming in the river.  However, even many local people in Guizhou do not know about this ancient town. Probably, it is because of the mountains and thick fog surrounded. When you enter into this village, you will enjoy the charm of this place with its colourful Yao culture, customs and history everywhere.

Yaoshan Ancient Village is China’s last gun-toting tribe, where some areas still retain the primitive farming methods of “slash-and-burn” agriculture and the rugged ethnic traditions, acclaimed as “living fossils of primitive society.” The Baiku Yao are also referred to by anthropologists as the “Orient’s Indians.” Once known for its barrenness, Yaoshan, and the Yao people who settled in these wild lands, have undergone tremendous changes with care and support, experiencing four relocations to finally form a village where ancient ethnic culture and modern civilization shine together.

The Baiku Yao are among the ethnic groups that use the bronze drum the most. The Yao people regard the bronze drum as a sacred object, hanging it on a drum rack and striking it from the side, accompanied by the sound of wind barrels, producing a rich drum sound. The Bronze Drum Plaza serves as the welcoming area for guests with the bronze drum, which is generally used during sacrifices, important festivals, and celebrations.