Tangible Cultural Heritage Museum-Huawu Village

Tangible Cultural Heritage Museum

Huawu Village

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Located in Xinren Miao Township of Qianxi County in southwest China’s Guizhou province, Huawu Village is known as the “most beautiful gallery on rocks” along Wujiang River with steep mountains, a wide riverbank, and picturesque scenery.

Embraced by the river and facing the cliff, Huawu Village used to be an isolated village. But due to the isolation, its ecological environment has been well preserved. Nowadays, with the beautiful scenery and unique folk culture, Huawu Village strives to develop its tourism industry and has made some achievements. Come and check for yourself!

Huawu Village has a long history of folk culture. Come and experience the colorful folk customs of the “barricade” wine, Tiaohua Festival, bonfire dance, the Miao batik and embroidery, polyphonic folk songs, and Lusheng dance.

Where Huawu Village rests is typical of karst landforms as it has variable landscapes like gulches, flat lakes, karst caves, and waterfalls. Located at the Scenic Spot of the source of Wujiang River, Huawu Village has such beautiful scenery. Zhijin Cave is currently the only world geopark in Guizhou. Its main venue is only 7 km away from Wujiang Gallery Scenic Area. After having fun in Wujiang Gallery Scenic Area, you can take a see at Zhijin Cave and make awe of nature’s work.