Tangible Cultural Heritage Museum-Awaizhai Village

Tangible Cultural Heritage Museum

Awaizhai Village

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Awaizhai Village is a traditional Buyi ethnic village located 7 kilometers southeast of Yaopu Town in the National Economic Development Zone of Anshun City, Guizhou Province, close to Huangguoshu and backed by the Dragon Palace. With its advantageous location, it is listed as the fourth batch of traditional villages in China. This simple and quiet village offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural charm.

“Awai” in the Buyi language means “mountains clear and waters showy, birds singing and flowers fragrant,” symbolizing “a place of happiness.” Legend has it that the inhabitants are descendants of the “Tengjia soldiers.” According to the history passed down through generations in the village, their Buyi ancestors, wearing rattan armor, once followed Meng Huo to defeat Zhuge Liang’s army, but were ultimately defeated by Zhuge Liang’s tactic of setting fire. The survivors escaped to the mountains, where they lived on and continued to this day.

Entering Awaizhai Village, the road paved with bluestone slabs extends into the distance, with houses featuring Three Kingdoms elements standing on both sides of the road, presenting a clean and tidy village environment. Classic old houses turned into homestays are nestled within the village, exuding a simple elegance. Stone houses, stone walls, stone rollers, and stone mills have become must-visit spots for tourists.

Buyi women, with their ethnic hair buns, gather in small groups, their faces bearing the marks of time without the signs of hardship, filled with joy and peace. On the exterior walls of the houses, vivid paintings of children aiming slingshots at bird nests capture the joy of childhood. The traditional ethnic crafts in the weaving and dyeing room maintain their unique quality. In the cultural park, silhouette portraits decorate this ancient village in an artistic form, silently showcasing a new cultural charm.