“Slow rafting” in Guizhou

The Shanmu River Scenic Area is located in the northwest of Shibing County, Guizhou Province. With crystal-clear water and exquisite canyon scenery, it is a time-honored brand of “slow rafting” in Guizhou. Rafting on the Shanmu River, you are as if appreciating a landscape painting scroll. There are more than 20 scenic spots here, including the Tongtian (access to the sky) Gate, Shuang Shi Bing Li (double stones standing side by side) and Xi Niu Yin Shui (rhino drinking water). Rafting on the Shanmu River is full of pleasure, thrilling but not dangerous. It is a hot spot of the eastern route of green and ecological tourism in Guizhou, as a natural bridge that interconnects man and nature in intimacy and harmony.

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