Red Culture Museum-Yangchang Red Culture Park

Red Culture Museum

Yangchang Red Culture Park

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Anshun News

Located in Wushao Ridge, Yangchang Group, Yangchang Village, Anshun City, Guizhou Province, the Yangchang Red Culture Park is a significant site steeped in the history of the Chinese Communist revolution.

On April 15, 1935, the Red Army’s General Health Department Cadre Convalescence Unit arrived at Gao Bang Chong in Yangchang Village as part of the larger troop movement. As they were about to cross a large mountain, they were bombarded by Nationalist Party planes, resulting in the sacrifice of 9 Red Army soldiers.

In 2002, the People’s Government of Ziyun Autonomous County built a memorial monument in Yangchang Village to commemorate the nine Red Army martyrs who lost their lives there. Taking advantage of the occasion of the fifth city urbanization and small town construction promotion meeting held in Ziyun in 2015, the memorial monument for the Red Army martyrs in Yangchang was transformed into the Yangchang Red Culture Park. In 2018, the park was approved by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government as a provincial-level patriotism education base.

Yangchang Red Culture Park has become an important venue for patriotism and party spirit education for party members, officials, and young students in Ziyun and even Anshun City. During festivals such as Qingming and July 1st, it is common for government agencies from the city and county levels to organize visits to the park to commemorate the martyrs and revisit the oath of joining the party.