Red Culture Museum-The site of the Gouba Meeting

Red Culture Museum

The site of the Gouba Meeting

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

From March 10 to 12, 1935, after the Central Red Army recaptured Zunyi following its second crossing of the Chishui River, the famous Central Politburo Enlarged Meeting, known as the Gouba Meeting, was convened in Gouba Village.

At the Gouba Meeting, the risky military operation to attack Dagu Xin Chang was canceled, averting the danger of another total annihilation of the Red Army. A three-person military leadership group was established for the Long March, marking Mao Zedong’s entry into the core leadership position of the Party and the Red Army. Chinese Party history experts consider the Gouba Meeting as a continuation of the Zunyi Conference, a pivotal point in the Four Crossings of the Chishui River, and the historical starting point for establishing Mao Zedong’s leadership and command position in the revolutionary career.

The site of the Gouba Meeting is located in Gouba Village, Fengxiang Town, Bozhou District, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province. It is a traditional tripartite courtyard of a North Guizhou farmhouse, featuring a traditional wooden structure with tiled roofing. The site of the Gouba Meeting witnessed a historic moment that reshaped China’s destiny and is a national patriotic education demonstration base.

About 1.5 kilometers north of the Gouba Meeting site is the Gouba Meeting Exhibition Hall. The hall was fully constructed in October 2014. Inside, a wealth of historical artifacts, documents, photographs, sculptures, paintings, scenes, and modern multimedia technologies like sound, light, and video are utilized to comprehensively recreate the activities of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army in Zunyi Gouba 80 years ago.