Red Culture Museum-The Site of Houchang Conference

Red Culture Museum

The Site of Houchang Conference

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

The Houchang Conference, held from December 31, 1934, to January 1, 1935, in Houchang Town, Weng’an County, Qiannan Prefecture, was an important meeting during the Red Army’s Long March.

The conference rejected the erroneous proposals of Li De, Bo Gu, and others, established correct strategic guidelines, and initially formed a military command center with Mao Zedong at its core. This laid the foundation for the successful convening of the Zunyi Conference and the ultimate victory of the Long March.

The site of Houchang Conference is located in Xiaci Community, Houchang Town, Weng’an County, Qiannan Autonomous Prefecture. The site was originally the residence of Song Zesheng, built in 1912. It faces east and is a brick-and-wood structure courtyard with brick walls surrounding it. From a high vantage point, it looks like a seal, commonly known as “One Seal”.

Today, the site of Houchang Conference and its memorial hall, including the conference site, Mao Zedong’s temporary residence, and the old site of the Red Army Cadre Regiment, serve as a national patriotism education demonstration base and a national key cultural relic protection unit.