Red Culture Museum-The Muhuang Rendezvous Memorial Hall

Red Culture Museum

The Muhuang Rendezvous Memorial Hall

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

On October 24, 1934, the Second and Sixth Red Army Corps rendezvoused in Muhuang. The headquarters was set up in the Shuifu Temple on Muhuang Street. The leaders of the two armies held an emergency meeting there and determined a plan for unified action and command of the two corps.

The Muhuang Rendezvous Memorial Hall of the Second and Sixth Red Army Corps is located in Muhuang Town, Yinjiang Autonomous County, Guizhou Province. The hall is a wooden structure, originally built in the 23rd year of the Jiaqing reign of the Qing Dynasty. It features two exhibition halls displaying 56 items, including Red Army slogans, guns and bullets, wooden seals of the Soviet government, banknotes issued by the Soviet Bank, a mosquito net and military blanket given by He Long to Ran Shaobo, commander of the Qiandong Independent Division, and various daily life tools used by the Red Army.

The Muhuang Rendezvous Memorial Hall of the Second and Sixth Red Army Corps stands as a testament to Chinese revolutionary history. In November 1985, the People’s Government of Guizhou Province designated the Muhuang Rendezvous Memorial Hall as a provincial-level cultural relic protection unit. The Propaganda Department of the Guizhou Provincial Committee declared it a “National Defense Education Base.” In 1997, the Guizhou Provincial Committee and the Provincial People’s Government formally recognized the memorial hall as a “Patriotism Education Base of Guizhou Province.”