Red Culture Museum-Loushanguan Scenic Area

Red Culture Museum

Loushanguan Scenic Area

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Image Source: Eyesnews

In February 1935, after the second crossing of the Chishui River, the Red Army regrouped and captured Tongzi, seized Loushanguan, and reoccupied Zunyi city, defeating and annihilating two enemy divisions and eight regiments. This victory at Loushanguan was the first significant triumph of the Red Army since the start of the Long March.

Loushanguan, the main peak of the Dalou Mountain range, has been historically known as the “Throat of Northern Guizhou,” a strategic pass for the traffic between Sichuan, Chongqing, and Guizhou, making it a vital military location through the ages. The Loushanguan scenic area, located in the middle of the Dalou Mountain range within Banqiao Town of Hui Chuan District in Zunyi City, is a national key cultural relic protection unit and a national patriotic education base.

Following the Red Army’s occupation of Loushanguan, Mao Zedong spontaneously composed the poem “Recalling Qin E at Loushanguan”. Although brief, the poem is powerful and spirited, with lines like “The majestic pass stretches like iron, yet today we march over it anew,” bringing fame to Loushanguan both nationally and internationally. The scenic area offers many attractions, including the battle sites of Big and Small Sharp Mountain, the Loushanguan Battle Monument, cliff carvings, poetry steles, Changkong Bridge, and the Loushanguan Red Army Battle Site Museum.