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Liyang Aviation Museum

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

The Liyang Aviation Museum is located in Liyang Aviation Town in the Pingba District of Anshun City. Themed around “Third Front Sentiment, Aviation Soul, and the Chinese Dream,” the museum primarily narrates the spirit of military industrial service of the “Old Third Front” workers and the history of China’s aviation development.

The building’s exterior is reconstructed to mirror the old factory buildings from the Third Front era. The exhibitions aim to educate visitors about aviation, experience Third Front culture, and provide patriotic education through various interactive and immersive display techniques, using many precious artifacts to evoke feelings of the hardships and selfless dedication characteristic of the Third Front spirit.

In the Aviation Plaza of the Liyang Aviation Museum, a camouflaged J-20 fighter jet stands prominently, poised as if to take flight. Looking around, one can see the aviation museum, a community cultural center, an aviation-themed hotel, and an aviation mountain park, all contributing to a “soaring” atmosphere.

The Liyang Aviation Museum comprises two floors, divided into three main exhibition halls: the Aviation Science Hall, the Third Front Construction Hall, and the Military-Civilian Integration Hall. With its unique cultural atmosphere, the museum has become an important tourist attraction in Pingba.