Red Culture Museum-Kunniu Mountain Red Army Battle Site

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Kunniu Mountain Red Army Battle Site

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

About 40 kilometers northwest of Shiqian County lies Kunniu Mountain, resembling a giant ox quietly lying between cliffs. The terrain of Kunniu Mountain is treacherous and bag-like in shape. Local people named it “Kunniu Mountain” because when they let their cattle graze on the mountain, they only needed to guard the entrance to keep them from straying.

After the defeat at the Ganxi Battle, the troops split up and fought their way out. On October 15, 1934, they reached Zhujiaba in Longtang Town, intending to cross the Shiqian River at Banqiao to reach Yinjiang. Unexpectedly, they found the enemy had already fortified Banqiao. To delay the enemy and ensure the main force could retreat south, Division Commander Long Yun of the 18th Division and Regiment Commander Tian Haiqing of the 52nd Regiment led over 800 soldiers to break through the blockade, changing their route from Zhujiaba and luring the encircling enemy to Kunniu Mountain.

The Red Army engaged in a fierce battle with the enemy. Division Commander Long Yun led over 200 men to break through the encirclement, while Regiment Commander Tian Haiqing continued to fight with the remaining troops. The enemy forced local civilians to walk in front as human shields, preventing the Red Army from fighting effectively. Step by step, they retreated to the edge of a cliff at Hujinggou. Facing the choice between life and death and outnumbered by the enemy, the Red Army soldiers chose not to harm civilians or be captured. They resolutely destroyed their weapons and bravely jumped off the cliff, which was tens of meters deep. They wrote a tragic and heroic chapter of sacrifice.

In 2008, the Shiqian County Party Committee and the county government built a memorial monument to commemorate the heroic deeds of the Red Army on a terrace about 500 meters from the site where the Red Army soldiers jumped off the cliff at Kunniu Mountain.