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Image Source: Sohu News

In August 1934, led by central representative Ren Bishi, with corps commander Xiao Ke and political commissar Wang Zhen, the Military Commission led the Red Sixth Army on a western expedition, breaking out from the Jiangxi-Guangdong base. On October 7th, the Red Sixth Army, advancing through battles, reached Ganxi in Shiqian, where the vanguard encountered enemy forces and was heavily besieged, igniting the battle of Ganxi.

The site of the Red Army’s battle at Ganxi extends to Yangdong’ao, Fenpo, Qunbaoshan, Dashuigou, Laocaitu, and Baihushan, with a front line stretching 5 kilometers. To commemorate the Red Army martyrs who bravely sacrificed themselves in the battle at Ganxi, Shiqian County built a Red Army Martyrs’ Memorial in the 1970s and renovated it in the 1980s. Generals such as Xiao Ke, Zhou Renjie, Chen Jing, and Li Zhen visited Ganxi to pay their respects to the martyrs.

In November 1981, the Ganxi Red Army Martyrs’ Memorial was designated as a county-level cultural heritage site. In the fall of 1984, Xiao Ke inscribed the memorial with the words “The martyrs of Ganxi who died will be immortal” and “Sacrifice ensures victory; boldly leading the Long March vanguard, their spirit remains a testament to the good men of China.” In 2014, the Ganxi Township People’s Government expanded the memorial site by constructing a 2,000 square meter martyrs’ cemetery on Longgushan.