Natural Heritage Museum-Wanfenglin Scenic Area

Natural Heritage Museum

Wanfenglin Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Wanfenglin Scenic Area is a natural site of numerous peaks, literally named a forest of tremendous peaks. Those peaks belong to karst landforms, and such a large scale of peaks make it one of the three karst landforms in the southwest of China, with a total area of 2000 square kilometers, over 200 kilometers long and 30-50 kilometers wide. Wanfenglin is the largest peak forest of typical karst formations in China. Because of this, it is also called a karst museum. Standing on the mountain top, you could admire its magnificent views.


Wanfenglin Scenic Area is divided into two parts, East Wanfenglin and West Wanfenglin. But only West Wanfenglin located in Wutun town opens to the public, and East Wanfenglin hasn’t been developed as a tourist spot. Therefore, you will visit West Wanfenglin, and the following information is about sightseeing to Wanfenglin. Except captivating views, Wanfenglin also has several villages of Buyi ethnic groups where tourists could learn their culture, and experience local custom.

Wanfenglin Scenic Area has several natural wonders for sightseeing, peak, pits, fissures, forests, lakes springs and caves, widely distributed, and formed by its unique landscape. Those green magnificent peaks, placid villages, beautiful fields with changeable colors due to season changes, make it a map depot with endless beauty. It is one of best places for leisure and tourism, and have a deep tour in less-trodden China villages.