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Natural Heritage Museum

Tianhetan Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sina News

Tianhetan is located in Shiban town, Huaixi District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, 24 kilometers from the city center.Covering a total area of 15 square kilometers, it is a scenic area dominated by typical karst natural landscapes and supplemented by the culture of historical celebrities and hermits.

There is a natural stone bridge in the area, originally named “Tiansheng Bridge” due to this, with a diameter of about 50 meters. Beside the bridge, there is a large natural cave with ivy-covered cliffs, birds chirping, and a deep pool of clear green water at the bottom, making it look bottomless. Therefore, the scenic area was renamed Tianhetan, which means “Heavenly River Pool”.

The Tianhetan tourist resort features winding river valleys and steep gullies, integrating mountains, water, caves, pools, waterfalls, natural bridges, canyons, and hermitages. The mountains have caves, the caves have water, and walking through the caves gives a sense of emptiness amidst the mountains, with the sound of water echoing in the empty mountains. The emerald pools give rise to flying waterfalls, densely distributed throughout the area in various shapes, earning it the reputation of being a condensed landscape bonsai of Guizhou’s mountains and waters, and is acclaimed as “a unique spectacle in Qiannan”.