Natural Heritage Museum-Qianlingshan Park

Natural Heritage Museum

Qianlingshan Park

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Qianlingshan Park, located at 187 Zao Shan Road, Yunyan District, Guiyang City, was established in 1957 and is a famous tourist attraction in Guiyang, known as “the foremost mountain in southern Qian”. The park is famous for its beautiful mountains, clear waters, ancient temples, and spiritual monkeys, integrating natural scenery, historical relics, folk customs, and leisure entertainment.

Qianlingshan Park has two main gates, a north gate and a south gate, with most visitors entering through the south gate. Inside the park, there are six major scenic areas including Hongfu Temple, Qianling Lake, and Sanling Bay, characterized by secluded forests, clear lakes, and known as “the beauty of nature in the midst of the city”.

Hongfu Temple is an important landmark within Qianlingshan Park, originally named “Qianlingshan Temple,” meaning “the spiritual mountain of Guizhou.” The mountain was named after the temple. Later, Monk Chisong changed “Qianlingshan Temple” to “Hongfu Temple”. The temple complex includes 72 buildings of various sizes, along with a fish release pond and tea house, covering an area of nearly 11,433 square meters. The temple’s halls are elegantly structured and grandly scaled; entering the temple to worship and sightsee gives one a profound and solemn feeling.