Natural Heritage Museum-Longli Oil Painting Grassland

Natural Heritage Museum

Longli Oil Painting Grassland

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sina News

The Longli Oil Painting Grassland is located in Yuxia Village, Longshan Town, Longli County, Qiannan, more than 30 kilometers from Guiyang City.

Covering an area of over 3400 acres, the grassland is composed of numerous large and small lawns, with an altitude ranging from 1500 to 1700 meters. In addition to thousands of acres of primitive vegetation grassland, there are also hundreds of acres of rapeseed flowers and azaleas in the scenic area.

The Longli Oil Painting Grassland features both the undulating mountains of the Guizhou Plateau and the vast openness of northern grasslands. With rolling mountains, blue skies, white clouds, and green grass, coupled with the setting sun, rotating windmills, it presents a beautiful grassland oil painting.

On the grassland, visitors can enjoy watching the sea of clouds, sunrise, and sunset during the day, and admire the stars and the lights of Longli at night. Various activities such as horse riding, camping, boating, kite flying, and barbecue are available for people of all ages. In the evening, dancing around the bonfire square allows visitors to experience the unique, simple, and rich Miao ethnic customs here.