Natural Heritage Museum-Libo Zhangjiang Scenic Area

Natural Heritage Museum

Libo Zhangjiang Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Located in Libo County, Qiannan City of Guizhou Province, Libo Zhangjiang Scenic Area is characterized by unique Karst landscapes, mysterious dense forests, various living species, splendid overlapping mountains, and clear rivers and lakes. Because of the well-preserved ecological environment, the area is honoured by both Chinese and overseas experts, as “an unparalleled, well-preserved green gem unmatched by any other Karst sites in the world”. As a famous tourist attraction, there are altogether three main scenic areas to visit: Xiaoqikong, Daqikong, and Shuichun River.

Honoured as “Small Jiuzhaigou”, Xiaoqikong Scenic Area is best known for the seven-arched Xiaoqikong Bridge, which is a landmark of Libo Zhangjiang Scenic Area. It was built in 1835 on a vital traffic road in ancient times between Qiannan City and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. With a length of 40 meters, a width of 22.2 meters, and a height of 5.5 meters, the bridge shows delicate structures and exquisite craftsmanship.

Daqikong Scenic Area is famous for Daqikong Bridge, Dream Pond, Natural Bridge, and Evil Wind Cave. Daqikong Bridge was built in 1877 along an important trade route between Guizhou and Guangxi in ancient China. 502 meters northeast of Daqikong Bridge is the lower reach of Dream Pond where many kinds of fish gather. At one time, local people earned a living by fishing, so the pond is always attached to the hope of harvest by the fishermen and to safety by their families. Nowadays, Dream Pond is an ideal place for anglers.

Surrounded by overlapping mountains, Shuichun River is like a painted scroll. It is also a resort for rafting adventure. While rafting here, azure, clear rivers offer visitors feasts for the eyes, dense forests on both banks bring fresh air to breathe, and the alternation of rapid and slow flows gives visitors an unforgettable rafting experience. It takes 3 hours to travel all the way.