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Image Source: Eyesnews

Jiucaiping is located in Guizhou Province and comprises two peaks: “Da Jiucaiping” (Big Jiucaiping) and “Xiao Jiucaiping” (Small Jiucaiping), both part of the Axilixi Scenic Area in Hezhang County.

Jiucaiping is the largest contiguous karst area in the world, named for the patches of wild chives growing along the mountain’s waist and the gentle slopes of the ridge. The main peak has an elevation of 2900.6 meters, making it the highest peak in Guizhou, known as the “Roof of Guizhou.” The mountain top is densely populated with stone forests, offering cool summers and snowy winters. Standing on the summit and looking around, one can take in the majestic atmosphere of the Wumeng Mountains, giving rise to the saying, “One hasn’t seen the mountains of Guizhou until one has visited Jiucaiping.”

Compared to other famous summer retreats, Jiucaiping, the highest peak in Guizhou, is a forgotten corner. Guizhou is known as the “mountainous state,” and Jiucaiping is considered the “king of the mountainous state,” high, open, and magnificent, overseeing large areas of Shuicheng, Hezhang, and Weining near the main peaks. Around Jiucaiping, Yi communities live scattered in small settlements. Due to its remoteness from modern civilization, many of the Yi’s disappearing traditional cultures are preserved here like living fossils, becoming treasures. Traditional Yi songs and dances such as the wine offering song, the toast song, the bell dance, and the wind ear, which are not seen in other Yi inhabited areas, can all be enjoyed at Jiucaiping. With some luck, one might also find fossils of Devonian marine life, dating back 405 million years.

Da Jiucaiping is located in Xingfa Township of Hui, Miao, and Yi Ethnicities in Hezhang County, Bijie City, and hosts the world’s largest area of wild chive flowers, being the only wild chive flower protection area in China. Xiao Jiucaiping, located in the southern part of Hezhang County, Bijie City, neighboring Er’tang Town of Weining County and Dawan Town of Liupanshui, has its main peak, Jiucaiping, with an elevation of 2900.6 meters, located in Zhushi Yi Ethnic Township of Hezhang County, Bijie City, and is known as the “Roof of Guizhou.”