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Hongfeng Lake

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Located about 32 km west of Guiyang, the Hongfeng Lake is one of the most scenic spots in Guiyang City, it covers a water area of 57.2 square kilometers and looks like a shinning pearl on the Guizhou Plateau.

The vast Hongfeng Lake, dotted with over 190 islands, is noted for a fascinating natural sight of lake, islands, caves and mountains in karst landform. The most fantastic thing is that the tourists can even find small lakes on some of the islands. There are many red maple trees whose leaves turn red every fall on the surroundings of the lake – hence the name.

The Hongfeng Lake Area consists of scenic areas, namely the North Lake, the South Lake, the Rear Lake and the minority ethnic villages. The North Lake is the smallest and famous for its various islands such as Bird Island, Snake Island and Tortoise Island. Onshore, there are a historic complex of ancient tombs left by the Western Han Dynasty and a Miao King’s Camp of the Ming Dynasty.

The South Lake is marked by the stalactite caves like the General’s Cave, Fishing Cave and Underground Cave. The Rear Lake is renowned for its picturesque countryside. The area contains interesting examples of village architecture, including a Miao traditional house, a Bouyei flagstone house and a Dong drum tower which has a roofed bridge. The drum tower can be reached by boat to enjoy a panoramic view of the Hongfeng Lake. Onshore of the lake, the minority ethnic villages where the people retain their unique custom welcome the tourists with folk custom and make them indulge in pleasure without stop.