Natural Heritage Museum-Getu River

Natural Heritage Museum

Getu River

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Getu River is located in Ziyun County, Anshun, Guizhou, 103 kilometers from Anshun and 164 kilometers from the main city of Guiyang. It is a provincial-level rock climbing sports base accredited by Guizhou Province and is a national scenic area. The term “Getu” comes from the Miao language, meaning “holy land of flower jumping.”

Here, one can find the thrilling excitement of modern international sports such as low-altitude parachuting, bungee jumping, and wingsuit flying, as well as the quaint tradition of the Miao “Spidermen” climbing rocks barehanded and the intangible cultural display of climbing knife mountains and descending into seas of fire. There’s the fascinating A’lu King culture, the secluded holy land of Dahe Miao Village reminiscent of a paradise away from the world, the unparalleled Dachuandong Yanwang Palace and the spectacular sight of tens of thousands of swallows returning to their nest, as well as the deepest vertical shaft in China and the world’s highest and best-preserved ancient river channel remains, the Blind Valley.

The Getu River Scenic Area encapsulates the essence of karst, mountains, water, caves, rocks, and forests, blending majesty, strangeness, danger, steepness, seclusion, and antiquity into one. It is a tapestry of natural and cultural landscapes, a pristine, primitive, ecological, natural, and majestic land preserved within modern civilization. Folk customs, culture, history, and nature converge here to form a grand, dazzlingly beautiful scene. Getu River, an unbelievably beautiful place, a mountain retreat for purifying the soul, and a paradise for outdoor sports and leisure.