Modernization Development Museum-Yachihe Bridge of Guiyang-Qianxi Expressway

Modernization Development Museum

Yachihe Bridge of Guiyang-Qianxi Expressway

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

The Yachihe Bridge of Guiyang to Qianxi Expressway, located at the junction of Qingzhen City in Guiyang and Qianxi City in Bijie, is the world’s largest span steel truss cable-stayed bridge and the most significant cable-stayed bridge in mountainous areas globally.

The Yachihe Bridge of Guiyang to Qianxi Expressway spans a total length of 1450 meters, with a main span of 800 meters. The main bridge adopts a double-tower, double-cable-surface, semi-floating system mixed-beam cable-stayed bridge structure, using over 16,500 tons of steel for the steel truss girder. The main towers are H-shaped, with the Guiyang side tower standing at 243.2 meters and the Qianxi side tower at 258.2 meters. The bridge has a two-way four-lane deck with a designed speed of 80 km/h. The height difference between the bridge deck and the normal water level of Yachi River is 434 meters. It has won several awards, including the 2017 China Highway Society Science and Technology First Prize, the 2017 China Communications Construction Second Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress, and the Gustav Lindenthal Medal at the 35th International Bridge Conference in June 2018, known as the “Nobel Prize of the Bridge World”.

Construction of the Yachihe Bridge began in 2013 and was officially opened to traffic in July 2016. It was one of the most challenging projects of the entire Guiyang to Qianxi Expressway that year. The bridge sees a continuous flow of traffic between the two areas daily. Routine maintenance plays an irreplaceable role in ensuring the integrity of the bridge and the safety and smoothness of traffic.

The opening of the Yachihe Bridge has not only accelerated the economic development of the northwestern region of Guizhou but also transformed the lives of the local residents. As guardians of the bridge, we feel the weight of responsibility and honor in fulfilling our duty of bridge maintenance and care.