Modernization Development Museum-The Gui’an Digital Economy Industrial Park

Modernization Development Museum

The Gui’an Digital Economy Industrial Park

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

The Gui’an Digital Economy Industrial Park is located in the Gui’an Big Data Industrial Cluster Area of Huaxi University Town, Gui’an, bordered by Evergrande Huaxi Valley to the north, the permanent site of the ASEAN Education Exchange Week to the south, Guizhou University Mingde Academy to the east, and the Big Data Town to the west. The total building area is about 320,000 square meters. It is the province’s first digital economy industrial park, serving big data-related industries. The park is a new base for big data industry startups and a new high ground for industrial upgrading and development.

Gui’an Digital Economy Industrial Park focuses on the digital economy, big data, AR/VR, data analysis applications, and other industries, introducing leading-edge projects and attracting upstream and downstream enterprises to form a highly competitive digital economy industrial cluster.

The Gui’an Digital Economy Industrial Park has opened an exhibition center to the public, which reviews the history of human economic activity development, showcases China’s contributions to the digital economy, and outlines the beginnings of the global digital economy. It highlights Guizhou’s robust response to national policies in developing the digital economy and interprets from multiple perspectives Guizhou’s planning and achievements in this field.