Modernization Development Museum-Huajiangxiagu Bridge of Liuzhi-Anlong Expressway

Modernization Development Museum

Huajiangxiagu Bridge of Liuzhi-Anlong Expressway

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

The Huajiangxiagu Bridge, located at the junction of Wuli Village, Hua Jiang Town, Guanling Autonomous County, Anshun City, and Hua Jiang Village, Pingjie Township, Qianxinan Prefecture, spans the Beipan River. It is a key control project of the Liuzhi to Anlong Expressway. Once the bridge is open to traffic, the travel time across the gorge will be reduced from nearly an hour to 2 minutes, significantly shortening the travel time from Liuzhi Special District to Anlong County.

The Huajiangxiagu Bridge is a single-span steel truss cable-stayed bridge. Construction officially started in 2021, undertaken by the Guizhou Highway Group and the Guizhou Bridge Group, with a planned construction period of 42 months. The bridge is 2,890 meters long, spanning high mountains and gorges, with a main span of 1,420 meters and a vertical height of 625 meters from the bridge deck to the water surface. Upon completion, it will surpass the Beipanjiang Bridge on the Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway to become the new highest bridge in the world and the bridge with the longest span in mountainous areas.

Additionally, the Huajiangxiagu Bridge is a key project for the integration of bridge and tourism in the “14th Five-Year Plan” period of the province, aiming to become Guizhou’s first comprehensive facility combining bridge sightseeing and aerial adventure tourism, striving to be the “first tourism gateway in southwestern Guizhou, a new model of bridge-tourism integration in China, and a world-class extreme sports destination in canyons”.