Modernization Development Museum-Ganxi Bridge of Guiyang-Huangping Expressway

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Ganxi Bridge of Guiyang-Huangping Expressway

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

The Ganxi Bridge, spanning across the Dumu River Reservoir in the Ganxi Natural Reserve, Guiding County, Qiannan Prefecture, is likened to a “flying dragon” bridging two mountains. After more than 1,600 days and nights of arduous construction, the bridge was officially opened to traffic on December 28, 2022, as part of the Guiyang-Huangping Expressway Guiding Interchange Connection Line.


The Ganxi Bridge is one of the most challenging and highest safety risk control projects of the Guiyang-Huangping Expressway, with a total length of 1,220 meters. It is the world’s second open-web girder bridge and the first attempt at a continuous rigid frame bridge with spans over 300 meters in bridge history, achieving the world’s longest span under this bridge structure type.

The opening of the bridge replaces the “Five Turns” and the winding cliff road that stretches for several kilometers, reducing the distance from Xinba Town to the county seat of Guiding County from 26 kilometers to 14 kilometers, and the travel time from about an hour to approximately 15 minutes. This not only opens up internal traffic micro-circulation, connecting towns and villages along the route, but also accelerates Guiding’s integration into the “Guiyang Half-hour Economic Circle”, opening up Guiding’s “northern gateway” and integrating it into the “Guiyang Half-hour Economic Circle”.