Modernization Development Museum-Dimuhe Bridge of Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway

Modernization Development Museum

Dimuhe Bridge of Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

The Dimuhe Bridge of Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway is located approximately 2 kilometers northeast of Dongdi Township in the Shuicheng District of Liupanshui City, spanning the Dimu River Canyon. With a main span of 538 meters and a bridge deck height of 360 meters, it is one of the three major bridges along the Bijie to Duge section of the Hangzhou-Ruili Expressway in Guizhou Province.

The Dimu River Canyon is a typical example of a deeply cut plateau canyon, featuring steep terrain on both sides with significant topographical variations, which necessitates careful consideration of many factors in bridge construction. The bridge design primarily focused on the harmony between the bridge location and the route direction, adhering to the principles of ‘safety, durability, applicability, environmental protection, economy, and aesthetics.’ The design was developed in conjunction with the terrain and geological conditions of the bridge site, integrating the surrounding natural and cultural landscape.

For thousands of years, the vast river has been a natural barrier to cross-river visits and communications. In 2015, the completion and opening of the Dimu River Bridge transformed it into not only a stunning landscape among the mountains but also a major thoroughfare for safe cross-river travel.

The significant changes brought about by the bridge are heartening, and the stories behind its construction are moving. Chen Yinggao recalls that at the beginning of the design phase, the designers visited the site to conduct surveys and asked a local farmer for directions. Learning that they were there to build a bridge and highway, the farmer excitedly invited the designers to his home for a meal, saying, “You’ve come all this way to build a road, and we can’t let you work on an empty stomach. I don’t have much to offer, just some simple country dishes”.