Malinghe Canyon

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Malinghe Canyon

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source:, Sina News

The Malinghe Canyon, situated near Xingyi in Guizhou Province, is a natural marvel celebrated for its extraordinary karst landscape and a plethora of breathtaking waterfalls. Its proximity to Xingyi makes it an accessible and compelling destination for those exploring the region’s natural beauty.

One of the most captivating features of Malinghe Canyon is the Tianxing Gallery, regarded as the core part of the canyon. This section, though only 1.7 kilometers long, houses over 20 waterfalls including notable ones like Horses Roaring Waterfall and Pearl Waterfall. The gallery exemplifies the canyon’s natural splendor, with its large-scale waterfalls and remarkable calcareous rock formations adorning the cliffs. The array of waterfalls in the canyon creates a sonorous and visually stunning environment, particularly during the rainy season when the water volume amplifies their grandeur.

Adventure enthusiasts can revel in the exciting whitewater rafting opportunities Malinghe Canyon offers. Recognized as Guizhou Province’s only whitewater kayaking training base, the canyon has hosted significant events like the China International Kayak Rafting Competition. The river is divided into navigable sections, each offering a different level of thrill and scenic beauty. Rafting down the Malinghe River allows adventurers to enjoy the surrounding peaks, cliffs, ancient bridges, and temples, adding a cultural dimension to the exhilarating experience.

For accessibility, city buses and tourist buses from downtown Xingyi provide direct transportation to the canyon, making it a convenient trip for visitors. The ideal time to visit is from May to September or October, when the weather is warm, enhancing the enjoyment of the outdoor activities and scenic views. Visitors are advised to come prepared with appropriate gear for swimming and hiking to fully embrace the natural and adventurous offerings of Malinghe Canyon.