Zunyi snacks, enjoy the delicious food with heavy taste


Zunyi snacks, enjoy the delicious food with heavy taste

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED Nov 11, 2021 • 4MIN READ

Laosha Lane

Laosha Lane is a famous food street in Zunyi, Guizhou Province. Laosha means “to collect sand”. But have you ever considered why collecting sand instead of gold or silver? This is because Laosha Lane is located in the low-lying area in the southeast of the old city of Zunyi. When flash flood occurs, large amounts of sand and mud are flushed into the lane. People have to dredge the sand and the mud frequently. Hence the name. Gradually, snack shops have mushroomed in this street, serving mutton rice noodles, Tofu pudding noodles, steamed rice cakes, yellow glutinous rice cakes, and fried potatoes, you name it. One will be really impressed by the great variety of snacks. Here in Laosha Lane, gaining weight is definitely not your fault.

Fried glutinous balls 

Fried glutinous balls, one of the most popular snacks in Laosha Lane, can be found at almost all the stalls, big or small. It is made from glutinous rice, brown sugar and sesames. A dough made from glutinous rice is fried and then coated with white sesames. Each ball looks shiny with the aroma of caramel and white sesames. Take a bite of it, and you’ll find it crispy outside and soft inside. The lightly fermented gooey rice and the crispy and savory exterior, together with the taste of white sesame, seem to make the world taste sweet!

Zhongtai Guailu

Zhongtai Guailu is a well-known food store in Zunyi, Guizhou. A Gui thinks that at first, the name might literally mean “weird sauce”. But due to the local accent and for the purposes of promotion, the word is written differently but the pronunciation roughly remains the same. The soup is made from special spices. Various ingredients can be stewed in the soup, including pork rind, pork tail, pork tripe, pork intestines, dried tofu, potatoes, kelp and all kinds of fresh green leaves. The secret to the delicious food is the dipping sauce. Firstly, fresh chili are baked in the sun and dried on the fire before ground to pieces to make overbaked chili. Sometimes, a big iron pan heated by firewood will be used to create a taste of “burned”. Other ingredients, such as fish mint and fresh leeks, can also be added to make the dipping sauce. The “burned” and spicy taste from the chili, the fresh smell from the fish mint, and the thick and rich taste of the soup, together with the original taste of the ingredients, create a true feast of the tongue.

Tofu pudding noodles

An ordinary day of Zunyi people in Guizhou Province usually starts with a bowl of Tofu pudding noodles. Hand-made alkaline noodles are served in soybean milk after being topped with snow-white Tofu pudding. The spicy dipping sauce clashes with the bland Tofu pudding, creating a fascinating flavor in your mouth. Take some noodles wrapped in the dipping sauce made of pepper, minced meat, crushed peanuts, and spring onions, and you’ll be impressed! The Tofu pudding noodles can also be consumed without the soybean milk. You can add the dipping sauce directly to the noodles topped with Tofu pudding, mix it evenly and start to eat. It is a different yet equally amazing experience.

Liu Erma Rice Paper

Liu Erma Rice Paper is a traditional brand among Zunyi specialties. The store sits at the crossing of Zunyi Pedestrian Street. The rice paper there is steamed in the traditional method to make it soft and chewy. The spicy and tasty pepper, together with the minced meat and peanuts, creates a rich and strong taste. The rice paper and the chili oil, particularly the minced meat in the chili sauce, enjoy a unique reputation. The store pre-packed the chili sauce with minced meat so that customers may purchase the sauce directly and take it home to enjoy.

He’s Tangyuan

When it comes to desserts, He’s Tangyuan in Laosha Lane, Zunyi, Guizhou is the best of all. You may think that Tangyuan is nothing unusual. How good can it be? Well, don’t underestimate this store. All the Tangyuan are hand-made here, from the dough kneading, stuffing making to the final wrapping. Many different types of stuffings are created, such as the sweet wine flavored, the osmanthus flavored, the sweet egg flavored, red bean flavored, soybean powder flavored, and even bland Tangyuan with no stuffing. When cooked, both the big round pearl-like ones and the smaller ones of the same size, lie in the soup with some black sesame crumbs floating around and the stuffing dimly seen through the wrappers. There are two specialties you don’t want to miss: one is a typical local snack called “sweet wine flavored small Tangyuan” or “Glutinous rice balls in sweet fermented rice”. The other is named “the Big Four”. The Tangyuan stuffed with sweet peanut and sesame fillings are made on the site and served with soybean powders for dipping. You will get great satisfaction from the sweet, soft, and sticky Tangyuan.  

Bright Egg Roll Wrapper 

It is said that “Bright Egg Roll Wrapper” is a delicacy that can’t be missed in your visit to Zunyi, Guizhou Province. Light yellow potatoes, pink pickled turnips, green spring onions and white fish mints, mixed with minced sausages, rice paper and tapioca noodles, are fried together in a black pan. Then scramble the egg until it looks bright yellow and fry it into thin wrappers, with which all the ingredients are wrapped. The wrapper tastes sticky with rich and diversified flavors. The colorful stuffing, together with the yellow egg wrapper, creates a sense of brightness, hence the name.

Zunyi Grilled Small Tofu 

Zunyi Grilled Small Tofu is a popular Guizhou snack in Laosha Lane. In order to cook it, you should choose Tofu that is white and tender. Then, take a thin slice knife and cut it into 0.5-centimeter cubes that are slightly wider than your thumb. When the raw Tofu is served, you can pick the diced Tofu with the finer end of the chopsticks and put it on the grill until it’s golden on both sides. Coated in Zunyi-style chili powder, the grilled Tofu tastes crispy and tender. It feels like your taste buds are awakened with just one bite. Soft and tasty, numbing and spicy, the Tofu matches perfectly with barbecue and beer to make a balanced combination of vegetables and meat. What a satisfying meal!