The new Guizhou hot spring map is now available, check it out! 


The new Guizhou hot spring map is now available, check it out!

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED Nov 11, 2021 • 4MIN READ

Want to enjoy a good bath? The new Guizhou hot spring map is now available, check it out! One of the best ways to enjoy your winter visit is through a good hot spring. Guizhou is home to some of the best natural hot springs in China. Imagine it, bathing under an open sky and surrounded by the woods… The locals have long attached medicinal properties to the vapors of the springs, but whether you came for healing or not, one thing is for certain, it is a great way to relax. Make sure you save the map from the link below.

 Shiqian springs 

Guizhou’s Tongren Shiqian has several hot springs. The springs in this region are rich in trace elements beneficial to the human body such as lithium, iodine, and silicon. The water temperature here sits at 45℃ year-round. The daily spring flow is around 3,000 tonnes, making it one of the most well-established springs in China. The most well-known individual springs are Nancheng, Wanan, Kaixia Underground River, and the Shichang. After bathing, remember to try some Shiqian “Divine Tofu” to top your day.

Xifeng Spring

Xifeng Spring is one of the most authentic hot spring experiences in China. Build on a natural spring, all of its water supply, including the toilet, are heated by geothermal energy. Xifeng is one of the eight most famous springs in China, and senior locals hold fond childhood memories of bathing here. The spring has undergone modern redecoration and combines traditional experiences with modern conveniences. Make sure that you also try out the local chili-chicken after bathing.

Fodingshan Spring Resort 

The best Instagram-worthy hot spring is most likely the Fodingshan Spring Resort. This resort is the largest of its kind in Guizhou. Designed based on national five-star standards, the resort features 40 distinct pools surrounded by the forest. The buildings are a fusion of traditional Gelao architecture and modern comfort, making it a very popular destination for social media influencers and Instagram models.

Yunxi Mountain Resort  

What happens when you combine a hobbit-hole with hot springs? Yunxi Mountain Resort is the result. This resort hosts individual villas whose design is based on Lord of the Rings. For true Tolkien fans out there, don’t worry, the proportions of the rooms are expanded for the comfort of humans, and the decor is traditional Chinese with wooden furniture and toiletries. You probably have to book in advance though, as rooms are pretty sought after.