Healthy and delicious Guizhou fruits


Healthy and delicious Guizhou fruits

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED Nov 11, 2021 • 4MIN READ

There is a saying in China that a big meal requires delicious fruits to go down. Anyone coming to Guizhou for any amount of time will tell you, the province is a culinary delight. So, don’t forget to pair your meal with some equally delightful fruit! Guizhou’s fruit is organic, healthy, and delicious as a result of its environment and unique climate. So make sure to check out some of our specialties!

“Underground snow pear” 

Water chestnut grown in the county Puding is often referred to as the “underground snow pear”. If you’ve never tasted water chestnut, it is lightly sweet with a hint of creamy aftertaste, enriching nourishment value. Water chestnut can be eaten raw as a fruit but is also often cooked as part of a dish or  a  dessert. Pork and water chestnut are delightful partners, offering a complex taste profile, as the meat provides more texture, and the water chestnut enhances the flavor. You’ll never be tired of them!

The cherries from Nayong county

Here we have the cherries from Nayong county. These fruits are packed full of sweetness and juiciness. Be warned, these treats have a goldilocks 8:2 sweet and tart ratio, one bite and you might not be able to stop. The local farmers prune their cherry trees regularly, which decreases the number of cherries a tree can produce but also increases the amount of nutrition each individual berry receives. The cherries grow to maturity without any artificial influence. There is a saying in China, Nayong’s cherries are as sweet as first love’s kiss. If you’ve ever tried any, you’ll know it’s a statement hard to refute.

Dragon fruits 

If you’re a fan of dragon fruits, you must stop by because Guizhou is the home of China’s dragon fruit production. Luodian county’s dragon fruit is juicy and sweet, rich in dietary fibers and anthocyanin, a natural antioxidant.Also, dragon fruitscan be used into various delicate dishes, such as melts, milkshakes, or muffins.

Passion fruits

Passion fruits are also something you should try. Luodian county produces large, juicy, and quality passion fruits. These highly nutritious delicacies pack plenty of tartness and flavors. You can eat them raw, or more commonly, make juice, cake, or jam out of these delights. 

Youmi Brand of blueberry wine

In 2015, one of the largest (and oldest) alcohol brands in China, the Moutai Company, launched its “Youmi” Brand of blueberry wine in Guizhou. These wines are fermented in small batches under constant low temperatures. The wine fully preserves the fruity flavors of the blueberry and its anthocyanins, making for a playful taste experience, especially if you’re someone who’s not a drinker but looking to take a sip.


Shuicheng’s red kiwifruits are an emerging star in the fruit scene. This variety of kiwifruit is grown under Guizhou’s rich soil and accumulates its characteristic red pigments at its core. These kiwifruits hail from hilly and mountainous plantations, where temperature differentials ensure a sweet and aromatic production chalked full of 19 essential amino acids and micro-nutrients.


Waxberries are very tart, and so its juice  is usually not something you’d drink straight from its noraml source until it has been processed into Wangji Waxberry juice. Wangji dilutes the juice to 50% to stay true to its taste, while not overwhelming your tongue. Every fruit is checked for ripeness, including the volume of water, sugar, and nutrition,  to deliver you the “fresh-out-of-the-tree” taste experience.

Luodian oranges

Luodian County is known for its longevity and fruit production, and I wonder if the two are somehow related. The navel oranges in the county are one of its proudest productions. No wonder, just by looking at the pictures, you can already feel the pulps exploding on the tip of your tongue, exploding into a blissful citrus heaven.