Favourite Spots for Foreigners in Guiyang


Favourite Spots for Foreigners in Guiyang

by Live in Guizhou


Today’s Guiyang attracts a large number of foreigners to come to visit, start a business, and live. So, what places do they like to visit the most in Guiyang? Let me tell you one such place: Paulaner Bräuhaus.

Located on the 6th floor of the Kempinski Hotel in Guiyang, you can not only taste authentic German beer, but also authentic German cuisine prepared by foreign chefs and which is more to the liking of the foreigners.

Highlands Coffee is also a place frequently visited by foreigners living in Guiyang. The owner, Christopher Deron, from the United States, has now left Guizhou, but the café maintains the original American style. The old café is located at Bo’ai Road, Nanming District. Later, they opened another one at Youyi Road.