Duyun Maojian Tea and Meitan Cuiya Tea


Duyun Maojian Tea and Meitan Cuiya Tea

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED August 18, 2021 • 3 MIN READ

Duyun Maojian Tea, as Famous as Maotai Liquor

Duyun Maojian is a historically famous tea. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, it was called “fishhook tea”. In 1915, Duyun Maojian Tea won the prestigious award at the Panama-Pacific International Expo, so the saying was coined in Guizhou, “Renhuai Maotai Liquor in the North and Duyun Maojian Tea in the South”. Since then, the tea has been just as famous as Maotai liquor.

Buyi Ethnic Group in Duyun: Ceremony of Tea God Worship

In Maojian Town of Duyun City, the Buyi ethnic villages hold annual activities to worship the tea god, praying for a good harvest. At the ceremony, the participants pay respect, present offerings, burn incenses, play music, recite prayers, honor the tea god, pay tribute to the heaven and the earth, and then give a salute… The whole ceremony lasts for about half an hour, not long, but solemn enough.

Maojian Town in Duyun City

Maojian Town is located in the west of Duyun City, 45 kilometers away from the city center. The town has a forest coverage of 56% and an average elevation of 1,240 meters. It is named after Duyun Maojian Tea.

Luosike Mountain in Duyun

The Luosike Mountain is a famous attraction in the west of Duyun. It is so named as its shape resembles the shell of a snail. The area, with an average elevation here of about 1,300 meters, is mainly mountainous and hilly. The Gaozhai Reservoir is always sparkling and the scenery from the viewing platform is simply lovely.

Duyun Maojian Tea Farms

When in Duyun, do visit the tea farms. October is the perfect time to travel around the tea farms. The weather is neither hot nor cold, and it drizzles at times. On the low hillside, your eyes will be drawn by the green tea trees, as well as the hardworking farmers. Everything is so clean and fresh, presenting a beautiful picture.

High-Quality Duyun Maojian Tea

How to identify the quality of Duyun Maojian tea? In fact, it is not complicated. First, observe the shape of the leaves: the leaves of high-quality Duyun Maojian tea are curly and spiral, thick, green, and have many pekoe (white hair). Second, observe the color of the soup: “the dry tea is mainly green with a slight yellowing, as are the soup and the brewed leaves”, and such tea is high-quality Duyun Maojian tea.

Meitan: the Biggest Tea Producing County of Guizhou

Meitan County is the biggest tea producing county in Guizhou Province. Among the famous tea varieties in Guizhou, “Meitan Cuiya” and “Zunyihong” are all produced in Meitan. The county is located in the south of Dalou Mountain and on the north bank of Wujiang River, a golden land for tea production at the 27-degree north latitude. It is surrounded by hills and shrouded in clouds, entitled “a pearl on the Guizhou Plateau” and “small Jiangnan in Yunnan- Guizhou Plateau”.

Sea of Tea Trees in Meitan

China Sea of Tea Trees is also called Wanmu (ten-thousand mu) Sea of Tea Trees. It is located in Yongxing Town, Meitan County, Guizhou Province, with an area of 43,000 mu (2,868 hectares). It is currently the largest sea of tea in the world. In 2010, this area was awarded as “Guizhou Top Ten Charming Scenic Spots”. The green waves stretch long and far, and everything in the world seems to become small in comparison. One would easily indulge in such an earthly fairyland.