Do you like black tea or green tea? Please taste Zunyi tea


Do you like black tea or green tea? Please taste Zunyi tea

by Live in Guizhou

PUBLISHED Nov 11, 2021 • 4MIN READ

Meitan Cuiya 

As one of the China’s geographical indication products, “Meitan Cuiya” comes from Meitan County, which is entitled “the Beautiful South of Yunnan and Guizhou Province” and located in the north-east of Guizhou Plateau. The tea leaves are flat and even in shape, with a delicate and lasting aroma and a fresh taste. When brewed, the tea is tenderly green and bright in color, and the leaves are green and fresh. It is worth mentioning that the tea shoots of Meitan Cuiya stay vertical in water like blooming flowers, which creates an aesthetic appeal.

Expert tips of brewing Meitan Cuiya

Expert tips of brewing Meitan Cuiya: the proportion of tea and water is usually 1:50 to 1:60, that is, 150-180 milliliters of water for 3 grams of tea. The water temperature should be around 80℃. After putting the tea into the cup, pour in some water until the leaves are fully submerged. Gently shake the cup to steep the tea. Fill the cup until it’s 70% to 80% full, then you may enjoy the hot tea. It tastes mellow and thick with a sweet aftertaste.

Zunyi Red Tea

Red represents good luck in China. It is also a characteristic color for Zunyi, Guizhou, the city that witnessed the great transition of China’s destiny and its subsequent thriving. Zunyi Red Tea is a black tea named after the tradition of “red” revolution in China. Zunyi Red Tea is thin and wiry in shape and brownish yellow in color. When brewed, the high-quality tea looks brightly orange with a lasting and a little fruity aroma. Mr. Cheng Qikun, a researcher from Chinese International Tea Culture Institute comments, “Zunyi Red is a new type of high-quality black tea in addition to Keemun Black Tea (Qihong) and Yunnan Black Tea (Dianhong).”

Zunyi Red Tea from Guizhou, with its pure aroma, is very helpful for digesting greasy food and cleaning your stomach. Besides, medium black tea is neutral and soothing to the stomach. The thick, smooth, and mellow tea could form a layer of membrane to protect the stomach. Long-term consumption of black tea may improve your digestive health.

China’s Sea of Tea Bushes 

The sea of tea bushes in Yongxing Town, Meitan County, Guizhou Province is named “China’s Sea of Tea Bushes”, or “the Endless Sea of Tea Bushes”. The tea garden here really resembles the sea, with a total area of 43,000 Mu. Renowned teas like “Meitan Cuiya”, “Zunyi Red Tea”, and “Zunyi Maofeng” enjoy a good reputation around China. Looking down from the Sea View Tower at the height of the garden, one can enjoy the spectacular greenness of the mountain covered all by tea bushes.

Sea View Tower

The tall building sitting in the middle of the Endless Sea of Tea Bushes in Meitan County, Guizhou Province is named Sea View Tower, indicating a view to the sea of green tea bushes. The overhanging eaves, the carved handrails and windows, and the spiral staircase all seem to bring you back into history. There are five stories in the tower, and an elevator can take you right to the top. Looking around from the tower, you may feel relaxed and refreshed, with the bushes swaying up and down like waves, and surrounding you in the middle.