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Miao Embroidery

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Eyesnews

Miao papercutting is a traditional folk art deeply rooted in Miao culture in China, boasting a long history and unique artistic style. This art form, passed down through generations among the Miao people, reflects their appreciation of nature, life, and society.

Miao papercuts are characterized by bold compositions, vivid patterns, and delicate lines. They harmonize humans with nature, integrating real-life and mythological elements into a style that is both simple and abstract, serving as a valuable blueprint for Miao embroidery. These papercuts are often used in traditional Miao garments and accessories, such as back skirts and pouches, with themes including natural elements like butterflies and maple trees, and mythical creatures like dragons, elephants, and centipedes.

In the creation of Miao papercuts, artists typically design the patterns on paper first and then cut out the final shapes with scissors. These papercuts are then affixed to fabric as templates for embroidery, where artisans embroider the colorful designs with silk threads.

In recent years, Miao papercutting has not only been preserved and developed within its traditional sphere but has also shown its unique charm in fields such as the protection of intangible cultural heritage, international exchanges, and cultural and creative industries.