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Huadeng Opera

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Huadeng opera is a kind of opera art form widely popular in Han nationality. Its outstanding feature is that the hand does not leave the fan, the handkerchief, sings and dances, sings and does the close union. Huadeng opera, originated from folk song and dance, is a form of local opera formed in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. In the process of popularity, due to the influence of local dialect, folk songs and customs, different singing and performance styles were formed.

Guizhou Huadeng opera was developed on the basis of local folk songs and dances in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. At first, the lantern was called Caihua lantern. It was only used for singing and dancing. Later, it added small plays to the singing and dancing. Later, influenced by foreign operas, it developed into a local opera. Guizhou Huadeng opera is mainly popular in Dushan, Zunyi, Bijie, Anshun, Tongren and other places. Northern and Western Guizhou is called “dengjiaxi”, Dushan is called “taideng”, Sinan and Yinjiang are called “Gaotai opera” or “Huadeng opera”.

At first, the performance form of Huadeng opera was simple. It mainly performed small folk operas. The themes were mostly rural life and folk stories, including “New Year’s greetings”, “sisters watching flowers”, “three visits to relatives”, “Liu Sanmei carrying water”, “herding cattle to stop his wife” and so on. Its performance is characterized by “twist”, and actors often use folding fans and handkerchiefs as props to express their emotions. Dance steps include two and a half steps, four square steps, fast and slow three steps, pheasant step, shuttle step, broken rice step, short pile step, Futian step, fast step, etc.; fan playing methods include small flower fan, big flower fan, cross fan, cover fan, difference fan, flutter Butterfly fan, etc.; body parts include rhinoceros looking at the moon, planting flowers on knees, yellow dragon winding waist, fishing for the moon from the bottom of the sea, snow covering the top, rock eagle spreading wings, etc.

Sinan Tujia Huadeng opera integrates some elements of the national Nuo opera and hand waving dance, forming its own characteristics. Its graceful singing, strong local flavor and unique national style compatible with the lantern opera reflect the humanistic style of the Wujiang River Basin.