The Sidonggou Scenic Area


The Sidonggou Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sohu News

The Sidonggou Scenic Area is located within Datong Town, Chishui City, Guizhou Province, about 15 kilometers away from the urban area.  

The canyon is lush and green, with flying springs forming waterfalls. The mountains are densely covered with green bamboo, and the red stone paths wind and stretch, while the Danxia landform and strange rocks stand tall on the mountaintops, condensed into a colorful landscape painting. Experts from both China and abroad have praised the Sidonggou Scenic Area as a “flawless scenic spot”, a “jewel in the crown”, and a “garden of ten thousand bamboos”.

When you enter the Sidonggou Terraced Waterfall Group Scenic Area, you can admire the Water Curtain Cave Waterfall, which hangs like a pearl curtain and roars like thunder, the Moonlight Pool Waterfall, which is as beautiful as a curved silver comb, the Flying Frog Cliff Waterfall, which surges through the giant rocks and creates waves in the lake, and the White Dragon Pool Waterfall, which drops straight down 60 meters, shrouded in mist and grandeur.

The scenic area is hidden among green bamboo, with more than 40 species of bamboo in 8 genera densely growing here, producing various delicious bamboo shoots, as well as precious bamboo fungus and wild pheasant-like bamboo chickens. Here, you can also participate in Miao ethnic bonfire parties and go drifting and fighting the waves on the Datong River.