Loushan Pass


Loushan Pass

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: zyhc.gov.cn

Loushan Pass is at the junction of Zunyi and Tongzi counties in the middle section of the Beidalou Mountains in Zunyi County. The Red Army of Chinese Workers and Peasants won the first victory since the Long March here. It is very suitable to come here to experience the atmosphere of the Red Revolution and receive patriotic education.

Loushan Pass is an iconic scenic spot for red tourism. Tourists can visit the Red Army Monument and Memorial Hall to recall those glorious years and cherish the memory of those revolutionary martyrs. In February 1935, the First Front Army of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army crossed Chishui twice, returned to the north of Guizhou, wiped out four regiments of the Guizhou Army, captured Loushan Pass, opened the prelude to the Zunyi Victory, and won the first great victory since the Long March, showing the dawn of the Zunyi Conference.

Since then, Loushan Pass, where the Red Army fought, has become a famous revolutionary memorial site in northern Guizhou. Since the founding of the PRC, it has been a patriotic education and demonstration base, a critical provincial cultural relic and a 4A national tourist attraction.