Kuankuoshui National Nature Reserve


Kuankuoshui National Nature Reserve

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: gzkuankuoshui.cn

Kuankuoshui National Nature Reserve is located in Suiyang County, Zunyi City, 48 kilometers from the county seat. Kuankuoshui Nature Reserve is listed as one of the Important Bird Areas by BirdLife International and awarded the title of “Endangered Pheasant Research Base in China” by the World Pheasant Association.

The reserve is an important ecological location as it is the primary source of the Furong River, a first-level tributary of the Yangtze River system. The immediate protection objects of the reserve are the typical subtropical evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved mixed forest dominated by original bright-leaf Schima superba, populations of national key protected animals such as the black-leaf monkey and red-bellied pheasant.

Kuankuoshui National Nature Reserve is one of the primary distribution areas of black-leaf monkeys, and it plays a vital role in their species’ protection. The population of black-leaf monkeys in the reserve has increased from 80 in 1995 to approximately 195 in 29 groups. Their distribution range has expanded, showing a trend of spreading outward from the core area. Kuankuoshui National Nature Reserve is the world’s second-largest distribution base of black-leaf monkeys.