Chishui Danxia Tourism Area


Chishui Danxia Tourism Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Chishui Danxia CN

Covering a total area of 36.3 square kilometers, the Chishui Danxia Tourism Area is composed of the three scenic spots of the Great Waterfall of Chishui, the Buddha Light Rock, and the Swallow Rock.

Featuring spectacular waterfalls, magnificent Danxia landforms, vast bamboo forests, and lush spinulose tree ferns, the area also integrates mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, and rare animals and plant species. As a key national scenic area, a national geological park, a national forest park, and a national nature reserve, the Chishui Danxia Tourism Area is the core scenic area of the Chishui Danxia Landform, a World Natural Heritage.

Within it you can see gorgeously red Danxia cliffs, soaring peaks and narrow ridges, rocks in various shapes, huge caves, and beautiful Danxia valleys, green forests, waterfalls and springs, all of them extremely enchanting.

The Chishui Danxia Landform represents the most typical and beautiful, and the best Danxia landform landscape in the world with its diverse ecological environments. Home to 2,359 species of flora and fauna, including rare and endangered ones hidden in primeval forests, bamboo forests, and spinulose tree ferns, it resembles a rare ruby wrapped in green velvet.