Chishui Bamboo Sea National Forest Park


Chishui Bamboo Sea National Forest Park

by Live in Guizhou

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Chishui Bamboo Sea National Forest Park boasts natural bamboo forests and beautiful lakes to present China’s natural wonders at their best in summer.

The park’s central attraction is its wild bamboo sightseeing and recreation area. Covering an area of 630 square kilometers, the region features green lakes, waterfalls, forests, creeks, Danxia land formations, and hundreds of millions of bamboo plants. Zhuhai Lake has a water storage volume of 406,000 cubic meters deep in the bamboo forest. The fascinating landscape encourages people to linger. More than 3,000 hectares of Nan bamboos (Phyllostachys pubescens) blanketing the mountains form a boundless expanse of green waves accompanied by fragrance — ideal for a summer vacation.

The highest point in the park is the “Guanhai Tower”. The Guanhai Tower has six floors and stands 26 meters tall. This uniquely designed building blends harmoniously with the surrounding bamboo sea scenery. When you ascend the tower and gaze into the distance, you can see layers of vast and boundless bamboo beauty. As the mountain breeze brushes past, the scenery transforms into an expanse of shimmering waves, resembling the surging tides and foaming crests. This causes the verdant mountains to appear and disappear, presenting a breathtaking view that captivates the heart.