Yang Can’s Tomb


Yang Can’s Tomb

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Tencent News

Yang Can’s Tomb is located at Huangfenzui, Yong’an Township, 10 kilometers southeast of Zunyi City. It is a large stone tomb where Yang Can and his wife were buried together in the Southern Song Dynasty.

The plane layout of Yang Can’s tomb is that the north and south chambers are side by side. It is a joint tomb for husband and wife, which is built with white sandstone strips. Yang Can’s tomb ranks first among the graves of its kind that have been excavated in the southwest region.

The owner of the southern tomb is Yang Can, and the owner of the northern tomb is his wife. The structure of the two tombs is roughly the same, and both are composed of three parts: the tomb door, the front chamber and the rear chamber, and some passages communicate with each other.

The characteristic of Yang Can’s tomb is rich and exquisite stone carving decorations inside and outside the tomb. It can be divided into five categories: figures, animals, flowers, plants, and utensils. The carving techniques are mainly high and low relief, with occasional overcast carvings. Some details are also painted and gilded. Although most of them have been eroded, the luxurious style of the year can still be vaguely recognized.