The World’s Biggest Teapot Cultural Park


The World’s Biggest Teapot Cultural Park

by Live in Guizhou

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The World’s Biggest Teapot is situated at Tianhu Park in Meitan, Zunyi, and the city is hailed as “the home of famous Chinese tea.” The sculpture is the most significant physical teapot of its kind in the world, with a volume of 28,360.23 cubic meters, floor space of more than 5,000 square meters, height of 73.8 meters, and diameter of 24 meters.

On May 18th, 2006, it was recognized by Shanghai China Records Headquarters as the most enormous physical sculpture in China and was considered another landmark of Zunyi. The sculpture serves as an exhibition hall for tea culture.

The World’s Biggest Teapot Cultural Park is designed to display the best-quality tea, becoming home to many teas and a gathering place for tea lovers worldwide.

The park comprises five parts – the sculpture, the tea corridor, the watery playground, the cultural square, and the ancient path. The park acts as a museum, tourist destination, hotel, recreational resort, center for tea knowledge, tea product exhibition area, painting and calligraphy appreciation area, and a water amusement park.

Within the sculpture lay fifteen floors, each serving a different function. The first to seventh floors are furnished as guesthouses, the eighth as a multifunctional conference hall, the ninth as a particular gallery, the tenth as a tearoom and a sightseeing platform, the basement as an entertainment hall, and the second-level basement as a restaurant.