Hailongtun Fortress


Hailongtun Fortress

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: People’s Daily, Eyesnews

The Hailongtun Fortress is 30 kilometers northwest of Zunyi in Guizhou, China. It is the only large-scale ruin in the province that combines military and palace architecture. It is also the only well-preserved castle in Asia dating from the Middle Ages. In 2015, the Hailongtun Fortress was recognized as a World Heritage Site.

Mountains at Hailongtun tower with isolated peaks and meandering slopes forming a thin-necked gourde. The Xiangjiang River’s primary source borders the north, east, and south; the “Baisha Waters” and cliffs descend with layers upon layers of walls running along ridges to form “Moon City” and “Earth City” and three encircling walls that wind across the mountain majestically, strongly resembling the Great Wall. On top of the hill is a tower, barracks, warehouse, water dungeon, and “Embroidery” Mound.

In front of the castle are nine gates, including the Cooper-pillar Gate, Iron-pillar Gate, Flying Dragon Gate, Flying Phoenix Gate, Chaotian Gate, and Wan’an Gate. Each gate is connected by defensive walls that could be closed when facing danger. These are tall stone pillars strategically placed that follow the mountain ridges for over ten miles, creating a marvelous spectacle.