Yamugou Scenic Area


Yamugou Scenic Area

by Live in Guizhou

Image Source: Sina News

Yamugou Scenic Area is located on the banks of the Taiping River in Jiangkou County, Tongren City. It is adjacent to Fanjingshan(Mount Fanjing) and is a key tourist attraction for ecological and cultural tourism in Fanjingshan.

According to records, Yamugou was called “Guigu” before the Tang Dynasty. Later, because a divine tree grew in the valley, which looked like a stone tree with a unique fragrance, it could cure diseases and help couples who had been infertile for many years have children after eating its fruits. This attracted countless local people to worship it, and it was named “Yamugou”, which means “tree god” in the ancient Tujia language and has been used until now. Yamugou has been known as the “first gorge in Guizhou” since ancient times.

Yamugou is a place for seeking scenery and exploring mysteries and a cultural destination full of legends. When tourists come to Yamugou, they can satisfy their travel needs and hear many touching stories, such as the Guigu Divine Mansion, the Dragon and Phoenix Auspiciousness, the Lovers’ Valley, and the Couple Stones. At the same time, tourists can learn a lot about Tujia culture and experience Tujia customs. Yamugou is a magical place, a romantic place, and a place to purify the mind. It is the best destination for ecological tourism.